Beginner’s Checklist to Choosing Duplex Builders in Sydney

You will come across a lot of duplex builders in Sydney but not all of them offers you the same guaranteed experience. Choosing the right contractor is not something you should rush as the home building does not come cheap. So, to ensure you are doing a thorough process of selecting your builder, we have created a checklist for you.

1. Price Point

The cheapest contractor you’ll find doesn’t always mean they’re the best. You have to make sure they are giving realistic prices as overly affordable builders tend to use substandard materials and low-quality workmanship.

2. History

Do background research as well of the company’s experience and history. By doing so, you can have a glimpse of their work ethics, drive, and quality of work. Reading information about the contractor can also lead you to their previous customers’ feedback.

3. Confirm Area of Specialisation

You will rarely find a builder that can do an all-around task. This means that most of us have different sets of skills and specialisations ideal for a certain type of project. Moreover, confirming a builder’s specialised area will lead you to discover their standards and how they fit into yours.

4. Design

Another major factor you should consider is the design your prospective builder offers. The best duplex designs are not just aesthetically pleasing but also functional and intentional. This means that the builder must be conscious of your family’s lifestyle to make sure what their building or recommendation is suitable for you.

5. Project Handling

Does your prospective builder accept multiple to volume projects? Then, you have to consider that if you are aiming for a personalised home for you and your family. Manage your expectations if you choose one such as slow work due to limited manpower or too fast construction that can lead to missed details. That being said, we highly suggest choosing a builder that is very hands-on on their craft despite the number of projects they are handling.

6. Building Process

You’ll get a better grasp of a builder’s quality of work their building process. Having said that, it’s best to choose a builder that already has a proven streamlined process that has impressed many clients.

7. Layout and Materials

Builders should always involve you when it comes to choosing materials as this is the ultimate way to achieve a duplex home design perfect for you. From the floor plan to paint colour, you should feel your vision is put as the priority and not the other way around.

8. Prepare a Contingency Budget

One way to prevent stress during home building is setting aside a contingency budget in case something goes South.

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