Elements in Designing a High-End Home in Sydney

Ask any home designer and they will always say how a luxury home is more than just a feel, but rather a combination of experience, design, and style. That’s why custom home builders in Sydney have been making waves to property owners dreaming of a luxurious home experience. Having your ideas of what high-end elements you were after will assist the thought process, but if not, they are always there to help.

1. A-Grade Home Security

High end residential builders know the value of investing in premium and fully functional homes. Generally, owners with high-value property’s install cutting-edge systems to protect their family, belongings, and décor. Since elaborate homes are embellished with luxurious decorations, security systems must blend unobtrusively so the aesthetics of the home won’t be affected.

2. High-Tech Innovations

Comfort is commonly associated with expense. The installation of high-tech equipment provides effortless control and convenience over voiceover commands, motion sensor lighting, and thermostats. These are just of few of the essential factors to achieve not just a luxurious home but a future-ready one.

3. Premium Design and Workmanship

One of the top reasons that a property is levelled up is through state-of-the-art design. Planning, layout design, materials used for walls, pillars, and craftsmanship all contribute to the value and structural integrity of a home, hence, the exquisite and expensive feeling you get. Another key feature of a luxury home is the landscape and outdoor area where fun and recreational activities for guests occur.

4. Marvellous Interior Design

If you’re not sure how to mix and match interior design elements, a luxury home designer in Sydney can help you. Aside from functionality, aesthetics is a major factor that increases a property’s worth. Whether it’s a classic, contemporary, rustic, or Mediterranean style, decorating your home with pieces that give a wow factor is guaranteed to highlight the affluent feel of the home.

5. Space

Generally, properties with a spacious area are labelled luxurious. It’s expected since a wide floor area usually means the land is bigger which of course are tagged with a hefty price. However, if you don’t have that much landmass, one way to make a house bigger is by opting for high ceiling design. This will give a more airy and flowing feeling to a space in a vertical way. You can also add other elements that can give an illusion of a wider space by installing larger mirrors on your wall.

6. Statement Features

Having a grand staircase is a classic way to add a glamorous and sophisticated look to any property. Commonly a “grand staircase” is thought to be only for classic Victorian-style homes, however, this is not the case. Depending on the theme of your home, your staircase can match the style to achieve the marvellous look you are dreaming of. For instance, a curved floating staircase is a wonderful feature to add to a modern home. If you have an idea in mind, you can always collaborate with your designer and builder to bring that vision to life.

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