Top Tips to Increase The Value of Your Home

You can quickly increase the value of your house by specific remodeling and revamping techniques. These practices and tips are designed to add value to the property, increase equity, and improve ROI.

Renovation, revamping, and remodeling are the three R’s that can add more value to your commercial or residential property. The real estate market in Australia is currently experiencing growth, which could indicate a good time to learn how to add more resale value to your house. By engaging a leading Sydney renovation and extension builder, you could enjoy an increase in value for your own property, with expert construction, guidance and advice.

You can make the best of your property with the following tips:

Increasing natural light and space

When it comes to real estate, dark, cramped, and compact rooms are ideal or attractive to prospective buyers. One thing homeowners can do to boost their property’s appeal is to open up the house to create more flow and enhance natural light.

To brighten up space, we suggest knocking down some walls. As a Sydney renovation and extension builder, we’ve completed many projects and opened spaces to promote light filled rooms. An open floor plan will also help the house look even bigger and flow seamlessly, and is achieved through expert building and renovation skills. 

Skylights will help with the enhancement of natural light in your house, as will installing wide open windows in areas of the house that capture the light.

Create or renovate the attic

Contrary to horror movies, attics can add additional living space and possibly more value to your house. 

If you do not have sufficient space to extend the house upwards or outwards, your Sydney renovation and extension builder can transform an unused attic with relative ease into an office, a small bar, or a funky loft-style entertainment room.

Renovate the bathrooms

Bathrooms are a major selling point and can be quite easy to give a makeover. 

Updating the features and fixtures of the bathroom or adding an extra bathroom can add to the value of your house. If you can afford a full renovation of the bathrooms, your expert Sydney renovation and extension builder can work with you to create bathroom bliss, and achieve the maximum ROI at time of sale.

Renovate the kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and often the value of a property is affected by the presentation, functionality and age of this essential space.

A kitchen can add value to your home, whether you undertake a full remodel, or just a facelift with new appliances and benchtops. You’ll be amazed at how a few edits to your current kitchen space can have a significant impact on the value, look and feel of your entire property.

Dinastia, a leading Sydney renovation and extension builder, have added value transforming hundreds of basic kitchens into spaces of Masterchef dreams!

Renovations add to the value of a house, increase equity, and offer a solid ROI. Some makeovers can be executed over a weekend which offers a significant increase in your home’s value for a little time and financial investment.


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