Cost Guide

Cost Guide

Dinastia aim to be completely transparent with our pricing. We do this by providing you with the details, right from the start.
However, with renovation projects the unexpected can happen, and this is when approach and intent matter. Our primary aim with each and every project is to provide a seamless service, and exceptional value for money. We know that value for money matters.

Before you start any construction project, it’s important to be educated in how pricing is structured, and what it actually costs to renovate. The following may be considered as contributing to that education.

The costs of your renovation are going to be driven by: – the size and scale of the project – the quality of the materials and workmanship – a margin that includes wages, warrantees, overheads and profit.

A great construction company justifies their margin by adding value to each of the three areas. At Dinastia, we strive to provide the best possible value in each cost driver. We do this by maintaining streamlined systems and processes, opting for quality over quantity in design, maximising your budget, and taking advantage of supplier and trade agreements.

Systems Our systems are processes are designed in a way that ensures our team works efficiently. For this reason, our margins are low and the money you’re spending goes primarily into your home.

Design Our designs are always determined by pursuing quality over quantity. We create spaces that suit the way you want to live, and that you’ll want to spend time in. We seek to truly understand you and your family, to avoid creating spaces that you’ll never fully use.


Our design process ensures that your investment is spent on the areas most important to you. We provide transparency around costs during this process and provide options and information about how best to save money. For example, we may be able to tweak your design to improve build time or energy efficiency. The Dinastia team are always looking for ways to bring down costs whilst maintaining quality, and are committed to researching new building materials and fittings. Our focus throughout the design process is always to optimise your budget in order to exceed your expectations.


Dinastia maintain relationships with a number of major suppliers and trades, and standing agreements in place with each of these key businesses. Agreements like these provide us with access to high quality materials and workmanship at a reduced rate.

Price Guide

Costs are highly dependant on the size, scale and finishes desired for your project.

Please get in touch for a free in-home consultation to discuss the specifics of your project.

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