Home Extensions Or First Floor Additions For An Increasing Family

When it comes to adding more room to your home to cater to a growing family there are several factors that come into play.

The land size, building design, Council regulations and compliance plus many other considerations sometimes make a choice between a home extension or an addition easy.

Extending the house or adding a floor are both realistic options for many people, however, both have their pros and cons.

You can build upwards or outwards. The real question is understanding the best option for your specific requirements. Your Sydney builder will work with you and using his experience, you can create the ideal solution for you.

From the beginning though, it’s good to have an understanding of home extensions versus first-floor additions, and which might be most suitable:


Home Extension

If you have enough space to extend outward on your property, a Sydney home extension might triumph over the option of first-floor additions. Home extensions are suitable for creating a bigger and larger living space and opening up the house to more outdoor spaces.

One of the major drawbacks of a home extension on the ground floor is that it usually results in a loss of outdoor space. You may have to let go of your front or back lawn for a sufficient home extension and with Sydney property, you may not have available space.

However, if you have plenty of storage, or if you are not using your outdoor space, this is not going to be an issue.

In some situations, a home extension may also be a costlier way to gain extra space. You will have to opt for pre-construction preparation work and possibly extensive foundations.

You should, however, consider a home extension if you want:

  • an extended storage or entertainment space for the entire family
  • an open floor plan and living space
  • to expand the existing living space outdoors
  • revamp the existing design layout
  • a preferable alternative for those with mobility problems.

The pros of choosing a home extension over first-floor additions include:

  • opens up the existing living spaces to the outdoors
  • can easily be added to the majority of houses with enough available space


The cons associated with choosing home extension could be:

  • you may lose some or all of your outdoor space
  • you may lose your gardens, lawns and other yard amenities
  • can be more expensive due to excavation and possible foundation costs


First Floor Additions

If you need more space but don’t want to stretch outwards, the best option is to venture upwards. In most homes, an extension to the first level (second floor) can be made and at less of an expense than you might expect.

While they may be disruptive (as all construction works can be), in many cases, it is still possible to live in your home while there is a construction project underway. Additions to the first floor are suitable for adding extra space, creating separate living rooms and are great for growing families.

In many instances, they can be more cost-effective than choosing extensions to a house and can often create more space.

There are many reasons for opting to build  a second storey rather than a home extension, including:

  • you require extra bedrooms for children or extended families
  • you require a second living space apart from the primary living space
  • you have no spare ground floor area to build a home extension
  • you want to enhance the value of your residence.

The pro’s we have experienced with first floor additions include:

  • you don’t have to lose your outdoor space.
  • there is often a great view
  • it can be a more cost-effective solution than an expansion to the ground floor or a home extension

The cons for a first home addition are quite limited, including:

  • it is not suitable for all houses
  • you will lose a small amount of floor space for stairs.

Both of the options to accommodate a growing family are amazing and are often a better option than relocating homes.

Instead of moving your family to a new home, consider modifying your existing living space to accommodate your increasing family. 

It’s a very simple process once you make the decision, so make sure you contact Dinastia to discuss your Sydney home extension – we are here to guide and work with you and deliver a successful project.

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