Top 5 Ways To Turn Your Backyard Into An Outdoor Room

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you stopped thinking of your backyard as simply a garden, and started thinking of it as an outdoor room? 

Is having a space with soil for the floor and the entire sky for a ceiling usable? Or could you transform your backyard into a livable living space for your family?

In Sydney property, transforming your typical garden area can work amazingly well, especially when turning your backyard into an outdoor room. By engaging a Sydney renovation expert who has experience, you’re already ahead of the plan and on your way to creating an outdoor haven.

Here’s our other top tips for creating your own outdoor living space:

Setting Up a Yurt

A yurt is an amazing outdoor tent-based living arrangement that can be a beautiful addition to your backyard. Becoming increasingly popular in Australia, a yurt offers a wide range of practical uses, such as:

  • A temporary guest room
  • A pool house
  • A party place for parties
  • An outdoor living or entertaining place

You can still hang out in yurts during the cooler months because they are more secure and insulated than ordinary tents, but less permanent than an actual building.

Extend Your Indoors Living Out

Extend your living space by adding a deck to your indoor space and create a flowing outdoor feel.

Decking is a clever way to create the illusion of more room, and break up an otherwise dull design space. Get creative and design a deck that has an original shape or curve, then finish off with an interesting stain and colour. It’s a great way to show off your creative edge.


Installing the right lighting can transform the simplest outdoor space into an oasis at night. Feature lighting on the walls or hanging can really make a statement, and stringing lights overhead also create whimsy.

Try placing lighting under a bench seat for a subtle illumination, or install landscape lighting in the garden to make the space seem larger and mystical.

Organisation and Storage

As with every room in the house, storage should be a consideration when planning the furniture and accessories of your outdoor room. 

If your outdoor area is not sheltered, you’ll need somewhere to store the typical items such as BBQ tools, pillows, umbrellas and accessories. 

Bench seats that double as storage are a popular solution and most will come with a cover to protect them in the elements. If your indoor living space is limited, having ample storage in your yard will be a major bonus.

Zoning Out

Just like you would for the indoor space of your home, creating zones in your outside space will create a considered design look and feel. 

The first step is to think about the floor – should you plan a deck or paved area. Next to consider is the style of fence and the materials it should be, or maybe you prefer green screens using bamboo or hedging. 

To create a green zone or hide a corner, the types of plants and layers you can use to create a feeling of depth and spaciousness – your builder will also be able to assist with these decisions.

There are numerous ways to spruce up your backyard and create an amazing outdoor room for the entire family. 

This will not only offer ample space for activities and entertainment, but it can also serve as a living space during home extensions, renovations, and other construction projects.

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