Ground Floor Extensions Sydney

Ground Floor Extensions in Sydney

Ground floor extensions in Sydney are a fantastic opportunity to keep the general feel and function of your existing home, but with more space. Home extensions increase the value of your home and allow you to design the space to meet your style and requirements. Our founder and managing director, Carlos, has years of experience in construction as a project manager and planner, passing down his knowledge and advice to our team. We are passionate about providing excellent customer service, premium Sydney ground floor extensions, all at a competitive price. Our complete range of services include design and build, major home renovations, home additions, project management, and custom homes. Covering so many services is made possible by the skills and innovation of our internal team, consisting of town planners, designers, and construction managers.

Ground Floor Extensions Sydney

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the process for ground floor extensions in Sydney?

We have a five-step design and build process to ensure each project is stress-free and meets our client’s expectations. Our five-step process includes:

  1. Consultation and advice
  2. Concepts and design
  3. Construction documentation
  4. Construction
  5. Completion

Do you arrange building permits and documentation?

Our team can handle all documentation and applications required for extensions. Our project management starts with the initial design and continues through the completion of the project.

How long will my renovation or extension take?

This will primarily depend on the scale of the project. Large scale projects can take 1-3 months to design and around 3-5 months to build. However, every project is different and the timeline will be determined in the design stage.

We Manage Your Project

We have an internal project manager for every ground floor extension project in Sydney. The role of the project manager is to represent the interest of our client and all affairs associated with renovations, builds and extensions. The project manager will facilitate the direction of the project, working alongside the client and our in-house team. While the client and homeowner maintain financial control of the construction and invoices, our team will ensure the work complies with all drawings and specifications. We created our project management service for clients who require a higher standard of quality control in their projects. The renovation process can often be stress-inducing. This service supports the load of all the documentation, compliance and day to day challenges involved with ground floor extensions in Sydney.

Ground floor extensions in Sydney provide the ability to add much-needed space in your home, designed to your aesthetic. We continually strive to make the renovation and extension process simple and effective. Create your dream space today and contact (02) 9627 8924.

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