7 Reasons to Renovate Your Sydney Home

Are you unhappy with the style, function and general look and feel of your home? Not sure whether to renovate, knock down and rebuild or move entirely? We speak with clients just like you every day and know it can be an overwhelming decision making process.

To help you on your way, here’s 7 reasons why our client’s have chosen to renovate their Sydney homes, and are pleased they did. 

1. Increased comfort and enjoyment

Many of our clients love where they live and enjoy many aspects of their home. However, as a home ages, technology and modern day comforts change and many of these are not included in the home. Things like led lighting, surround sound, double glazed windows, insultation, heating, second lounge areas and outdoor rooms are often not present in older homes. Many of our clients choose to extend or renovate particular areas, not because they’re not happy with their home, but because they’d like to improve their current lifestyle and increase the comfort and enjoyment they experience at home. 


2. To fix a safety issue

The team at Dinastia includes in-house building experts, town planners, and designers. If there’s a safety issue, such as a compromise in structure, we can help. If the issue is a moderate or major one, it may require significant earth or building works. While you’re at it, why not make those changes you’ve been thinking about for years?


3. To improve the home’s value

A quality home renovation almost certainly improves the value of your home. We’re experts in renovations, and in the Sydney market. Let us guide you in the best design and material solutions to add value that matters to potential buyers. 


4. To update functionality

Updating and improving functionality is the most common reason for a renovation. Often our clients find that after buying an existing or older home, their lifestyle doesn’t entirely match the layout. Additionally, family life changes over time, and you may find that what once worked doesn’t anymore. With our renovation design and construct experience, we can assist you throughout the whole process. Our expert team will help you choose the options that best suit your budget. 


5. To increase efficiency

Often increasing efficiency in your home is easily done through a simple renovation. Things like redesigning your bathroom or kitchen can streamline the time taken to get ready, prepare dinner or increase ease of flow in your home.


6. To update the style

Our design team are focussed not only on function, but also on form. Embedding a home with style that will last the test of time is the mark of a great designer, and you’ll see form our portfolio that applies to our work. We also work with a host of fantastic architects with impeccable design style and skill. 


7. To prepare for sale

If you’re planning on selling your home but feel like the current layout, design or decor is going to let down your sale price, now’s a great time for a renovation.


The list is almost endless when it comes to what you can do with your Sydney home renovation, addition or extension. Contact the team at Dinastia today for a free design consultation that could save you thousands of dollars down the line. 


The team at Dinastia are the leaders in home building and renovations in Sydney.

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