How To Survive A Renovation

You have finally decided to renovate your house, but are worried about having to deal with the crazy amount of stress. 

It is a well-known fact that any sort of construction project is accompanied by a feeling of overwhelm and stress. This is perfectly normal especially when we’re embarking on a project we have little experience or expertise. However, stress can be reduced and you can easily survive a renovation with a few easy steps.

Undertaking a renovation can be a mammoth or small process depending on the size and scale of your project. As Sydney renovation experts, in our experience people not only get stressed during the renovation phase, but it can often cause poor renovation choices. It makes sense to be prepared to handle any situation that arises. 

Here are a few tips to stay on top of everything during a renovation.

Decide on Your Budget 

Budgeting for a renovation is probably one of the key issues for anyone embarking on a project. Your budget will impact all of your renovation experience, so make sure it is decided and agreed to before the renovation even begins.

How much will you use from your savings? Will you need to finance your project? Nothing is more stressful than watching your money deplete quicker than it should, so deciding on a budget beforehand saves unnecessary embarrassment and stress. 

Being a Sydney renovation builder, we know it’s not always the most pleasant thing, but setting a budget and creating a contingency fund will help you stay calm when other problems arise during the renovation. 


Use an Organised and Efficient Work Management Plan

You have finalised a budget and now comes the execution. Some people do not have the necessary skills or patience to manage everything easily therefore an efficient work management plan always helps with renovation stress. It frees you of any unanticipated outcomes and with Sydney property, it’s best to expect the unexpected!

There are many apps on the market that allow you to manage your entire project remotely. You can set up an online virtual office for everyone involved in your project and share project plans, budgets and manage these on the go. This way you have complete oversight of the important elements of your renovation, without having to be in several different places at once.

Take Time Out

When your renovation is eating up much of your time and budget, it can easily impact every other aspect of life. 

When your kitchen is in shambles, and you’re wondering if you will ever have a shower in that brand new bathroom, it’s easy to become disconnected with other areas of your life. Which is why it is important to take time out and schedule space away from the renovation.

Sorting through colour samples and fabric swatches can consume every minute of your spare time that could be spent with family, friends or on lifestyle activities. Make sure you step away from your project and dedicate time just for you. It will not only allow your body and mind to decompress and reconnect, but you’ll be amazed at how space away from the project can actually inspire you and create solutions and ideas.

With careful planning, focused execution, and scheduled time to give your building brain a rest, you can avoid any unnecessary stress during the renovation.  

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