Sydney Heritage Home Renovation

Homes often signify a historic piece of Australian society, and this is why they can be classified as Heritage Homes. 

Heritage homes on the real estate market are often more saleable as they offer an element of exclusivity. However, many buyers neglect to do their research and purchase a property that has strict limitations in order to preserve the history of these homes.

You should consider consulting with a professional Sydney builder before considering purchasing a heritage listed home, especially if you are planning a renovation or extension. An expert Sydney builder and home renovation specialist such as Dinastia, can advise you of the limitations and restrictions of the property, and offer guidance on how to navigate any building work before you buy.


We’ve worked with many clients and their heritage homes, and these are our top DOs and DON’Ts of home extensions:


Check with the authorities

Check with your local Council and planning department and educate yourself on the properties limitations and restrictions. 

When it comes to regulations, certain areas are more restrictive than others. These may involve exterior paint restrictions, interior modifications, tree controls, including or excluding outbuildings and walls, as well as bans on certain property uses.

Also, be mindful that there is a big difference between a house that is “individually classified” and a house that is inside an overlay of heritage. 

Typically, a heritage overlay often governs modifications to the building’s exterior sections, which seldom involves internal changes. If your house is in an overlay of heritage, you will also need to seek building permission before beginning construction work. Consult your builder before moving forward with any renovation or modification.


Do thorough research

It is crucial to understand as much about the property as possible to avoid challenges down the track.

Unexpected problems result in unexpected costs, setbacks, and construction changes if the problems are not detected early. This is an essential part of project management when it comes to renovating heritage homes.

Engage a contractor or building inspector to review before design and renovation plans begin, as there may be heritage-protected elements that are in poor condition and need repair or rejuvenation.

Common problems include structural or aesthetic issues, termite destruction, hazardous or dangerous house locations, weak foundations, and plumbing issues.


Do pre-costing before commencing with any renovations

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of costs, or expect to uncover a few surprises along the way. Therefore have the project cost calculated by a quantity surveyor or an expert home builder when you lodge proposals with the Council.

Architects can give you a rough idea of the cost, but they train a quantity surveyor to cost a project. Also be sure to choose someone who specialises in residential heritage projects, as they are a niche and require specialised review and assessment.


Choose professional and licensed builders and renovators

With heritage homes, it can take considerable time and care to recreate the original features – whether it is searching for an appropriate substitute or finding skilled tradesmen for ornate restoration work. 

It can be very difficult to find tradespeople with these specialised skills, so ensure you hire a licensed and professional Sydney home builder for your renovation needs. 

Partnering with a builder who has expertise with heritage properties and of the same scale as your project, is critical.

Choosing a contractor who specialises in heritage restoration often ensures they will be more skillful and experienced at combining the old with the new, creating a seamless complete renovation.

Heritage home renovation can be an exceptionally challenging task. Make sure that you have checked with the local authorities, completed thorough research, calculated the costs, and hired a professional team to manage and complete your project. 


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