The Design & Build Process

Our design process is the culmination of systematic process and creative exploration. We draw on our years of experience to enhance the design of each home, and conduct live pricing through our estimator to ensure your home stays on budget. Our mission here at Dinastia is to equip you to make the best decisions regarding your renovation, whether you ultimately decide to renovate with us, or not. We start this process by offering a Free Step By Step Guide To Your Home Renovation. Our guide is a comprehensive and practical blueprint on the nuances of home renovation. It details a step by step process to a successful and stress-free renovation, and will be a valuable companion throughout the process, regardless of who you choose to build with.


The first step to working with Dinastia, is to request a free consultation. We’ll speak with you prior to discuss your needs, and schedule a time for your in-home consultation.

Step 1: Consultation and Advice

Our responsibility for our initial meeting with you is to ensure you’re as well equiped as possible to start your renovation project.

A good working relationship is vital for the successful redesign of your home. It’s important to establish a pattern of clear communication before we start working together, and get to know one another. In our first meeting we’ll get to know one another, educate you about the process, get to know your objectives for the build and discuss your expectations around budget.

Communication is key to achieving an enjoyable design and build journey. By discussing the reasons behind your renovation to uncover the best solutions for you and your family. We’ll also help educate you around considerations like orientation, product and build nuances and costs. Being more informed, you’ll be able to make the best possible decisions.

Our meeting will uncover your priorities. We’ll discuss what’s important to you, and how this can work in with the areas of your home that will remain the same. You’ll likely have an idea of what you want from your home, and you may also already have decided on a budget. We’ll let you know at this early stage whether the two will work together. If your ideas don’t match your budget, we’ll advise ways to optimise this and spend money on the right areas.

At the completion of our consultation you’ll have the opportunity to receive a concept drawing for a small fee, to be deducted from the final build cost. You maintain ownership of your concept drawing and may use this as the base for your complete design, whether with us or another builder.

Step 2 – Concepts and Design

Your concept starts with your current home, and the freedom of a blank page. This is where your vision comes begins to come to life.

The first step is to work with you to a concept based on our initial consultation. We’ll present sketches based on our initial discussions, and guide you through which elements may be better than others. You’ll have complete control over the direction of the project.

Once approved, we’ll use this to create a new floor plan. In this stage the initial sketches are further developed into elevations. We’ll review these with you, and once approved, you will receive the formal set of design drawings.


The vast majority of projects do not require planning approval. However, should your project require approval, Dinastia have in-house town planning services available. Our team can handle any planning application, from sub-division to heritage overlays.

Step 3 – Construction documentation:
Working drawings and engineering

Here the complete vision for your new spaces are realised. You’ll choose materials and finishes, and in the background we’ll be detailing every centimetre and creating the working drawings and engineering documentation required to obtain your building permit.

We’ll work with our estimator as your construction documentation is being developed to ensure we’re working to your budget. Once working drawings are completed, we’ll present a detailed project costing. After any final tweaks are made, your documentation is finalised ready for the development application process to gain build permits. The process culminates with the preparation of your build contract.

Step 4: Construction

Upon signing your build contract, Dinastia arranges all the necessary construction documentation and permits required for your build. Our management team and supervisors review every element of the documentation to ensure any queries are resolved prior to the commencement of construction.

Your project manager and team will be briefed on the details of your renovation, and all aspects of the project will be scheduled. A stringent quality control process exists to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship is being executed throughout.

The build contract is segmented into several payment stages along the process of the build. These stages vary according to the type, size and scale of the project. We will be able to discuss the payment stages with you from our very first meeting.

Step 5: Completion

The final stage in your home renovation is for Dinastia to resolve all documentation relating to the build permit, and hand over your beautiful, re-designed home. Not only will you be delighted with the form and functionality, you’ll also have complete peace of mind as every Dinastia renovation comes with a 10 year warranty on all workmanship.

Get Your Free Step By Step Guide To Home Renovation

We take our role seriously. As alterations, additions, and custom home builders in Sydney, we understand the impact a well designed living space has on your families lifestyle and wellbeing. Should you choose to engage Dinastia Homes or another renovation builder, download our free guide to ensure you’re well informed about the process before you commence.

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