Dinastia 5 Renovation Tips

Planning a renovation is smoother when you’re prepared and have relevant information. Whether you’re making improvements on your home, or you’re looking to flip an investment property, it’s essential to work with experts. This will ensure it runs safely, smoothly and to budget.

Here are our top tips for transforming all areas of the home:

Plan for the future, not just today
If you’re renovating a home that you intend to live in for a long time, you need to create a floor plan that will be relevant and functional for years to come.

If you’re a young family now, it might seem obvious to have a space such as a playroom closeby to family spaces. However, think about your kids in ten years time when they’ll be louder and want to escape. It wouldn’t be ideal to have that space adjacent to a family or entertaining area. Plan the multifunctional spaces so they can adapt to life’s stages and changes.

What’s your home’s natural style
Understanding the design style of your renovated home is one of the first considerations. Knowing the overall style and aesthetic you’re wanting to achieve will then allow you to make your renovation decisions throughout the project.

We often hear clients wanting an unsuitable look for their property, purely because they saw it in a magazine. Or worse, halfway through they opt for a completely different style in some areas. Having a clear vision of the style and aesthetic you’re after, and this will govern all of the decisions from then on.

Kitchen’s need to be functional
The kitchen is the most used room in the house so spend a little extra on creating a spacious and functional kitchen layout.

Storage is a must in any great kitchen to ensure you have plenty of cabinet storage and benchtop space. Also for ease of access and cleaning, consider pull-out extension drawers rather than corner cabinets, which can be tricky with hinges, and offer less storage space.

A trend we’ve seen recently is integrating kitchen appliances, such as the microwave built into the wall. Whilst this looks great, it can prove costly down the track as it may be hard to replace them with new ones of the same size and style.

Bathrooms with style and function
A well-renovated bathroom is a homeowners dream. Getting the layout right is crucial to ensure it’s as functional as possible. This means making the space practical, preferably with a separate bath and plenty of storage.

Also, to make cleaning easier for you, consider using large tiles with minimal grout lines and wall-hung toilets and vanities.

A skylight is also a favourite with the renovation experts as it floods the bathroom with natural light creating a natural warmth. It’s also a great light source without paying for electricity.

So you’re ready to start planning your renovation? Then here’s our most important expert tip:

Find the right builder
Working with the right builder and team for you and the style you are seeking to achieve, is very important. Do your due diligence and check the quality of a builder’s work and previous projects they’ve worked on.

Also, engage a builder you trust and get along with as it will be a long-term relationship. You should also make sure the builder and their team have clear and regular communication, and a positive outlook.